Evergush EPT20H Diaphragm Pressure Tank, Horizontal, Capacity 20L, 1″


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Model: Evergush EPT20H

Evergush EPT20H is a diaphragm(Membrane) type Pressure tank is an essential part of a pressurised water system that provides water pressure at a set range.

  • Made in Taiwan


  • EVERGUSH Diaphragm(Membrane) type Pressure tank is an essential part of a pressurized water system that provides water pressure at a set range. The tank stores supplemental water between diaphragm and liner, and the pressurized air chamber is able to create a supply circle.This process can reduce the number of pump startups required to keep the system pressure within the set range.
  • The tension of diaphragm maintains water pressure within the system, ensuring proper operation of the dishwasher and washing machine, and robust flow for showering and bathing.
  • Appropriate size pumps and appropriate size pressure tanks will work together as a team to meet customer needs.
  • Diaphragm design pressure tank.The Inside construction is divided into air chamber and water storage chamber.
  • It’s suitable to connect with EVERGUSH water pump, control panel, piping, valves, etc. All are incorporated in one auto booster pump system.

Working Conditions

  • Working Temp.: Max. 93℃
  • Working Pressure:
    EPT : Max.10Bar(150 PSI)
  • Factory Pre-charge Pressure:
    EPT: 2 Bar (30 PSI)


Type Horizontal
Diameter x Height N/A
Connector 1″
Maximum Pressure 8 Bar
Pre Charge Pressure 2 Bar
Capacity 20 Liter