Gison GP923A: Pneumatic Scaling Hammer, 3 Heads, Piston Stroke: 22.5mm, Stroke Speed: 2800bpm, 3.9kg


Model: GP923A

Gison GP923A (made in Taiwan) is a triple head scaling hammer.


  • Strong, light weight with a single reciprocating piston and grip ring throttle.
  • Delivers rapid vibratory action which effectively removes old paint, rust and scale from structural steel, boilers, tanks and castings.
  • No chisels required as hammer piston itself can acts as the chisel.


Shank Type 3 heads
Piston Stroke 22.5mm
Stroke Speed 2800 bpm
Net Weight 3.9kg
Length 496mm
Air Consumption 0.42m3/min
Air Inlet 3/8″
Hose Size 8mm
Sound Pressure 92 dBA
Air Pressure 90 psi
Vibration 13.3 m/s2

Additional information

Weight 5 kg

Power Source

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