Gison GP970: Air Spot Sand Blaster, Removing the Burr, Rust, Scale and Paint Coating


Model: GP970

Gison GP970 (made in Taiwan) is an air spot sand blaster.


Taiwan GISON Air Spot Sand Blaster for removing the burr, rust, scale and paint coating and other surface cleaning and surface treatment work. Such as:

  • Hull in addition to paint rust cleaning, stone stone version of the surface treatment.
  • Sandblasting lettering or picture on the stone surface.
  • The removal of the body paint, rust, oil on the road and the removal of traffic signs.
  • General iron, stainless steel, industrial products, high pressure tower, rust, paint, polishing.
  • Sculpture, buildings, wall bricks and special monuments cleaning and maintenance.
  • Glass windows (doors) water stains and wooden furniture (such as long bench ..) dirty removal.
  • Public environment clean, such as general buildings, wall tiles and wall graffiti removed.
  • The maintenance and repair of monuments, such as sculptures, monuments and bronze mirrors.


Net Weight 0.9 kg
Length 215 mm
Air Consupmtion 0.24 m3/min
Air Inlet 1/4″
Hose Size 6.5 mm
Sound Pressure 95 dBA
Air Pressure 90 psi

Accessories Included

  • Spot and blasting gun
  • Surface spot nozzle
  • Rubber blasting template

Additional information

Weight 1 kg

Power Source