Hacksaw G7016: Cutting Capacity:160mm, Speed:85spm, Motor Capacity:370W, 160kg


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Model: G7016

Hacksaw G7016 has the cutting capacity Φ160/160x160mm.


  • Designed for cutting bars, tubes and profiles in a wide variety of materials.
  • Capable of handling materials faster, safer and more quieter.
  • It is heavy constructed, more precise, more durable & sturdy.


Cutting Capacity Round: 160mm
Square: 160mm x 160mm
Hacksaw Blade 14″ 350mm x 1.25mm x 25mm
Stroke (spm) 85/min
Blade Stroke Length 100-190mm
Motor Capacity 370W, 240V
Dimensions (L x W x H) 910mm x 330mm x 640mm
Weight 160kg

Accessories Included

  • Hacksaw blade

Additional information

Weight 160 kg
Power Source

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