HCP 80AFC23.7A: Submersible Sewage Cutter Pump, Power 3700W, 3Ø, Discharge 3″, Head 19m, Flow 600L/min, 48kg


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Model: 80AFC23.7A

HCP 80AFC23.7A (made in Taiwan) is a submersible cutter pump for pumping sewage and breaking / tearing debris.

  • 3 phase


  • Tungsten carbide edged impeller is perfect for pumping sewage and breaking / tearing debris.
  • Standard accessories include : cable with an epoxy resin sealed water-resistant cable base, Auto-cut motor protector, double mechanical seals and oil seal design.
  • Casted iron body pump with 100~150μm high solids epoxy coating.


  • Drainage of waste water containing debris from factories.
  • Sewage management, water accumulation, septic tanks, and or farms.
  • Drainage of waste water from attenuation, purifying and sewage tanks in water treatment plant.


Power 5 HP (3700 watts)
Discharge 3″ (80mm)
Start Method Direct
Efficient / Maximum Head 19 / 27.5 meters
Efficient / Maximum Flow Rate 600 / 1350 L/min
Solid Passage 62mm
Weight 48 kg

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Weight 38 kg

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