HCP AF820: Submersible Sewage Pump, Power 15000W, 3Ø, Discharge 8″, Head 20m, Flow 8500L/min, 232kg


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Model: AF820

HCP AF820 (made in Taiwan) is a submersible pump for sewage water.

  • 3 phase


  • International standard design : cable, auto-cut, dry-motor, silicon carbide mechanical seal, high grade cast iron offering highest quality and performance.
  • P/U/E multiple impeller designs to handle sewage solids and/or fibrous substances.
  • Superior abrasion resistant mechanical seal manufactured with silicon carbide to ensure the best seal effect.
  • Oil lip seal mounted outside of seal chamber stops solids gathering around seal faces.
  • Full range offering low to high head and flow capabilities, with compact and easy installation.
  • Available with Guide Rail System, which allows automatic remote connection and disconnection without entering the pit.


  • Drainage of waste water from the attenuation tank, purifying tank and sewage tank in water treatment plant.
  • Drainage of waste water containing fibrous additives from leather factory, dyeing factory and food processing factory.
  • Sewage management, accumulated water, septic tank, stock farm.


Power 20 HP (15000 watts)
Discharge 68″ (200mm)
Start Method Direct
Efficient / Maximum Head 13 / 20 meters
Efficient / Maximum Flow Rate 4500 / 8500 L/min
Solid Passage 70mm
Weight 232 kg


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Weight 232 kg

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