HiKOKI 12V Starter Pack 1: Lithium Ion Battery 12V2.5Ah x 2pcs, Fast Charger UC12SL x 1pc


Model: 12V Starter Pack 1

HiKOKI 12V Starter Pack 1 contains lithium batteries 12V2.5Ah x 2pcs & fast charger UC12SL x 1pc


  • Lithium Ion Battery BSL1225M (12V 2.5Ah) x 2pcs
  • Fast charger UC12SL x 1pc

Features of Compact Battery BSL1225M

  • Very light and compact 12V Peak battery
  • Charges quickly, only 37 min
  • Slide battery
  • Battery indicator
  • Compatible with battery charger UC12SL

Features of Fast Charger UC12SL

  • Class-leading fast charging
  • Engine generator compatible
  • Low temperature charging (up to -10 ° C)
  • Use: Charging 12V slide battery


Additional information

Weight 4 kg

Power Source

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