Hitachi WTP100XS: Automatic Water Pump, Power 100W, Head 14mH, Flow 30L/min, Inlet x Outlet 3/4″ x 3/4″, 15kg


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Model: WTP100XS

Hitachi WTP100XS  automatic water pump.


  • Durable and high powered motor: Hitachi’s motors are designed for long service life and powerful pumping. They are manufactured under the strict quality controls.
  • Japanese Standard Quality: Having 96 years of water pump manufacturing experience, these exceptional pumps are designed to deliver high performance and reliability.
  • Environment-Friendly Design: Every units are certified with the stringent RoHS standard, as well as ISO 9001 for factory quality management, and ISO 14001 for environmental management.
  • Quiet, Non-Disturbing Operation: The inverter system and the DC/IPM motor are technologically advanced and allow for quiet operation.
  • Stable Water Pressure
    a) Automatic Air Intake: This works in unison with water tap operation to ensure stable pressure. It’s rust-resistant and can be removed for cleaning.
    b) Durable Water Pressure Tank: The welded tank provides more resistance to pressure and water leakage. Also, the tank is made of especially thick steel and coated with triple layers of anti-rust agents, and is a metallic colour for extra sun resistance.
  • Reliable Safety Water: Temp Relay It temporarily pauses operation when it becomes too hot to prevent deformation of parts.


Model WTP100XS
Type Automatic Constant Pressure Pumps
Motor 100 watts
Suction Lift 8 meters
Discharge Head 14 meters
Capacity 30 L/min.
Pressure Switch On: 1.6kg/cm2
Off: 2.2kg/cm2
Suction Pipe 20mm (3/4″)
Discharge Pipe 20mm (3/4″)
Taps used simultaneously 3
Dimensions (W x L x H) 384mm x 384mm x 553mm
Weight 15kg

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