HKD DDPC01S: Motorised Trolley, Single Speed, Capacity:1ton, Trolley Speed: 14m/min, 0.4kW, 3phase


Model: DDPC01S

HKD motorised single speed trolley (3phase) for 1ton.


  • Running stably and breaking safely
  • Advanced structure and easy operation
  • Economical and widely used

The  way of  electric trolley operation and rules

  • Before using the hoist, please do remember to make sure the hook and bodies, the brake device and the lubrication of transmitting and chain are all in good condition.
  • It is forbidden to link the power supply before the completion of  installation.
  • Keep anybody out of the place under  the loading.
  • No hook tips loading.
  • Don’t directly binding of a load with a chain.
  • Don’t over lifting.
  • Don’t over lowering.


Capacity 1 ton
Trolley Speed 14m/min
Trolley Motor 0.4kW, 3phase
Flange Width 100~300mm
Min. Curved Radius 800mm
Net Weight 50kg

Additional information

Weight 50 kg

Power Source

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