IHM WRSD1016: Manual Hydraulic Stacker, Loading Capacity: 1ton, Lifting Height:99mm~1600mm, 200kg


Model: WRSD1016

IHM WRSD is a heavy duty 1 ton manual hydraulic stacker.


  • Ideal choice for manual transport and lifting with its minimised turning radius and compact size.
  • Easy and comfortable handling through ergonomically handles, effortless pulling during transport with long tiller.


Loading Capacity 1000kg
Lifting Height 99mm ~ 1600mm
Overall Length 1350mm
Overall Width 720mm
Overall Height 1960mm
Fork Length 820mm
Fork Width 140mm
Fork Outside Distance 280~680mm
Lifting Speed >22mm/time
Descending Speed Controllable
Center of Load 450mm
Steering Radius 1250mm
Weight 200kg
  • Front Wheel Diameter: 85mm
  • Rear Wheel Diameter: 180mm

Additional information

Weight 210 kg

Power Source

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