ISHII AH870S: Manual Tile Snap Cutter, Cutting Length: 850mm, Weight: 15kg


Model: AH870S

ISHII AH870S is a manual tile snap cutter with maximum cutting length to 850mm.


  • Adjustable 4 scoring positions on height of wheel: Permits cutting capacity of up to 20mm thickness.
  • As the wheel can adjusted, it permits the foot breaker to break the tile at any position along the rail.
  • H Shaped strong rail with 6 pcs of bearing: Provides precision slide movement along the rail.
  • Adjustable hex: Bolt and nut is adjustable on sliding block for proper sliding pressure.
    a) Tighten Hexagon Bolt on right: Cutting wheel will move to the right.
    b) Tighten Hexagon Bolt on left: Cutting wheel will move to the left.


Cutting Length Capacity 850mm (34inches)
Weight 15kg

Accessories Included

  • Titanium Cutting wheel
  • L-Square

Additional information

Weight 18 kg

Power Source

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