ISHII JW460XE: Manual Tile Snap Cutter, Cutting Length: 460mm, Weight: 5kg


Model: JW460XE

ISHII JW460XE is a manual tile snap cutter with maximum cutting length to 460mm.


  • Tile cutting wheel: Titanium coated, super rotary bearing.
  • New and improved scoring and breaking system which allows to set almost 90 degree between handle and breaker bar for the most ideal point of contact which provides easier scoring and breaking.
  • New dots non-slip comfortable grip.
  • Direct measurement & triangle gauge bolt.
  • 10mm thickness rubber pads.
  • Robot shaped end post for ideal holding rails.


Cutting capacity 460mm (18″)
Weight 5kg

Accessories Included

  • Titanium Scoring Cutting Wheel
  • Triangle L-Square

Additional information

Weight 6 kg

Power Source