KAMA ZT100 Pipe Threading Machine, Threading Size: 1/2″~4″, 10 & 23rpm, 900W, 115kg


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Model: KAMA ZT100

KAMA ZT100 is a portable pipe threading machine for 1/2″ to 4″ piping.


  • Affordable price yet with reasonable performance.
  • Dies are compatible with REX standard.


Threading Capacity 1/2″ ~ 4″
Speed 10 & 23 rpm
Motor 240V, 50Hz
Motor Power 900W
Dimensions (L x W x H) 1000mm x 640mm x 630mm
Weight  115 kg

Accessories Included

  • 1/2″~3/4″ BSPT dies for GI Pipe
  • 1″~2″ BSPT dies for GI Pipe
  • 2½”~4″ BSPT dies for GI Pipe

Additional information

Weight 80 kg

Power Source