Lamello Size20 : Wood Join Biscuit 56mmL x 23mmW x 4mmT (1000pcs)


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Model: Size20 (1000pcs)

Lamello wood join biscuit with original Swiss quality.


  • The biscuit is the original, tried-and-tested connector from the inventor of the system and provider of the complete solution.
  • The success of the biscuit is based on the quick and simple application, stable and high-quality connections as well as the minimal material fatigue that is so important for panel materials.
  • The original guarantees quality in size accuracy, optimum glue distribution and form stability as well as the sustainable cultivation of beech wood.
  • The perfect fit is appreciated from the very start, when the biscuits are easily inserted into the groove and remain in place even when the work piece is turned over for assembly.


  • Smooth sanded edges for easy handling and insertion.
  • Raised guide rails for perfect fitting accuracy.
  • Recessed & embossed glue surface for accurate glue distribution and superior tear-out strength.


Model Size 20
Size (L x W x T) 56mm x 23mm x 4mm
Quantity 1000pcs / pack

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