Launtop LDWT150CLE: Trash Pump with Diesel Engine, Discharge 6″x6″, Head 18m, Flow Rate 2666L/min, Power 18.7HP, 81kg


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Model: LDWT150CLE

Launtop LDWT150CLE is a trash pump operated with twin cylinder diesel engine, 30L fuel tank, key start.

Trash Pump

  • Trash pumps are made to handle debris and solids such as leaves, pebbles, and twigs.
  • With larger impeller veins and pump housing, trash pumps can pass solids like those mentioned above.
  • The pump does not grind these up as they enter the impeller, but leaves them intact and sends them on their way.
  • You’ll want to use a hose with a strainer for trash pumps too. In the event the pump does get clogged though, there are easy clean outs, which you can open up by hand and remove any items too big.


  • 30L Fuel Tank
  • Diesel Trash Pump
  • Quality pump kit with thick material.
  • Powered by air-cooled 4-stroke diesel engine.
  • Twin cylinder diesel engine.
  • Maximum suction head: 8 meters.
  • Maximum discharge head 18 meters.
  • CE approved.
  • Coil Start & Key Start


Model LDWT150CLE
Inlet 6 inch (150mm)
Outlet 6 inch (150mm)
Maximum Capacity 2666 L/min
Maximum Discharge Head 18 meters
Self Priming Time
Maximum Suction Head 6 meters
Engine Model LA290F
Engine Displacement 954cc
Engine Maximum Output 18.7 HP
Engine Continuous Output 17 HP
Engine Fuel Tank Capacity 30 Liters
Dimensions (L x W x H) 1000mm x 660mm x 880mm
Weight 150 kg

Accessories Included

  • 6 inch Coupling x 2
  • Hose clips x 2
  • Battery

Additional information

Weight 150 kg

Power Source

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