Makita DC18RD: Two Port Multi Fast Charger for 18V Lithium Ion Battery


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Model: DC18RD (630869-4)

Makita DC18RD is a two port multi fast battery charger for Makita battery from 14.4V to 18V.

The DC18R charges two batteries at the same time, giving tool users unparalleled charging efficiency so their batteries spend more time working and less time sitting on the charger.


  • The DC18RC has a cooling fan and Active 3 Controls
  • This means that during the loading of the charging voltage, charging current, and temperature is held in the holes
  • The cooling system blows cool air into the battery
  • As a result, high temperatures occur in the battery so that the battery life is extended and the charging process is accelerates


BL1850 (196673-6) 5Ah 45 minutes
BL1840 (196399-0) 4Ah 36 minutes
BL1830 (194204-5) 3Ah 22 minutes
BL1430 (194065-3) 3Ah 22 minutes
BL1415 (194558-0) 1.3Ah 15 minutes

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Weight 3 kg

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