Masada MH50Y: Hydraulic Bottle Jack 50ton, Maximum Height 475mm, 37kg


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Model: MH50Y (Made in Japan)

Masada MH50Y, 50ton hydraulic bottle jack.


  • Rigidly adhering to traditional manufacturing standards, Masada jacks boast high quality.
  • Of welded construction throughout, Masada hydraulic jacks are light and durable.
  • Masada’s unique base forging method increases resistance to high pressure and gives a degree of durability and performance not found in any other comparable products.
  • All models work both in vertical and horizontal positions.
  • All models have common release stem and valve assemblies. Many other parts are also interchangeable from model to model.
  • The MHB series can be used as low models, extremely useful for buses fitted with air suspension.


Working Load Limit 50000kg
Closed Height 305mm
Lift 170mm
Extension Screw Height N/A
Maximum Height 475mm
Base Area 237mm x 188mm
Weight 37kg

Additional information

Weight 39 kg

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