Masada MS3: Hydraulic Bottle Jack 3ton, Maximum Height 365mm, 2.7kg


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Model: MS3 (Made in Japan)

Masada MS3 3ton hydraulic bottle jack.


  • Rigidly adhering to traditional manufacturing standards, Masada jacks boast high quality.
  • Of welded construction throughout, Masada hydraulic jacks are light and durable.
  • Masada’s unique base forging method increases resistance to high pressure and gives a degree of durability and performance not found in any other comparable products.
  • All models work both in vertical and horizontal positions.
  • All models have common release stem and valve assemblies. Many other parts are also interchangeable from model to model.
  • The MHB series can be used as low models, extremely useful for buses fitted with air suspension.


Working Load Limit 3000kg
Closed Height 190mm
Lift 115mm
Extension Screw Height 60mm
Maximum Height 365mm
Base Area 142mm x 95mm
Weight 2.7kg

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Weight 4 kg

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