Mello WS6000A: Automotive Spot Welding Machine, Power 19kW, Volts AC240V, 70kg


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Model: WS6000A

Mello WS6000A is an automotive spot welding machine for car body repairing jobs.


  • Car body repair work.
  • Dent pulling
  • Carbon heating and shrinking
  • Single-sided spot welding
  • Stud bolt welding
  • Sheet plate cutting.
  • Sheet metal welding.


  • Microprocessor control system optimises the welding parameters.
  • User friendly design, all you have to do is select the welding current corresponding to the workpiece thickness to achieve the best weld quality
  • Automatic mains voltage monitoring
  • The welding gun testing function evaluates the usage status of the welder more comprehensively
  • Overheating protection
  • High precision time and power adjustment system


Technical Data
Model SW-6000A
Input Power Voltage AC220/380V
Frequency 50/60Hz
Input Current (A) 50
Rated Input Power Capacity (KVA) 19
Max welding current 5000A
Output Voltage Carbon rod heating AC6 – 10V
Washer melting rate AC1 – 12V
Butt weld AC1 – 13V
Operation way continuity
Welding timing range 0 – 99min
Welding current regulation Separate
Welding Thickness (mm) A B C
Cable length 2300+1900mm
Vacuum suction 150kg
Claw puller Available
Spot hammer dent pulling Available
Weight (KG) 70
Dimensions LxWxH (mm) 620x450x980

Additional information

Weight 75 kg

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