Newbroach NB410: Magnetic Drill, Max. Drilling Capacity: 100mm, Power: 1700W, 385rpm, 22kg


Model: NB410

Newbroach NB410 magnetic drilling machine:

  • Drilling Machine is Made in Germany
  • Magnetic Base is Made in UK
  • Assembled in UK
  • Can apply for Annular Cutter & Twist Drill (MT4)
  • With 4 Mechanical speeds.

Features of Twin Rail Slide System

  • T.R.S.S. maximises slide stability.
  • Up to 10 times better stability when dovetail systems.
  • Slide has no contact with main body of machine.
  • Reduced friction less wear.
  • Reduced cutter breakages due to better slide stability.
  • Improved cutter life.
  • Better tolerance achievable.
  • Improved hole quality.
  • Up to 110mm cutting depth with cutters with small machine.
  • Low maintenance better reliability.


Motor Power 1700 watts
Twist Drill Capacity 3mm to 31.5mm
Broach Cutter Capacity 12mm to 100mm
Maximum Depth 75mm
Arbour MT3
Mechanical Speed a) 110rpm to 175rpm
b) 245rpm to 385rpm
Magnet Holding Power 2000 kgf
Voltage 230 Volts AC Motor
Weight 22kg
Dimensions (L x W x H) 350mm x 180mm x 480mm
Full Height 665mm

Accessories Included

  • Drill chuck 16mm with arbor
  • Safety chain
  • Coolant container
  • Broach cutter x 1pc
  • Pilot pin x 1pc

Additional information

Weight 25 kg

Power Source

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