Piusi Panther 12V DC Diesel Transfer Pump, Flow Rate 56L/min, Maximum Pressure 1.5Bar, 12V, 1”x1”, 7.5kg


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Model: Panther 12V DC (F0034000B)

Piusi Panther 12V DC is a diesel transfer pump, available in the DC version. As a diesel transfer pump, Panther DC is designed to meet the requirements of use where a high-performance and long-lasting product is required.

Accessories Included

  • Manual


The Panther DC diesel transfer pump is versatile and can be applied in different sectors such as automotive, transport, agriculture, workshop and construction. A rotary, volumetric, self-priming vane transfer pump, has a sturdy body and is easy to install, and is suitable for installation on diesel dispensers and fixed fuel transfer systems, as well as other applications.


The Panther DC diesel transfer pump is equipped with an integrated by-pass valve for precise adjustment of the quantity of flow transferred, with a flow rate of up to 56 l/min.

The junction box is equipped with an ON/OFF switch. The Panther DC diesel transfer pump is completed by the 100 µ filter incorporated in the pump body, which is easy to access for maintenance, and the 1″ threaded connections.


Max. Flow Rate 56L/min
Max. Self Priming 4 m
Power 12V DC
Duty Cycle 30 min
Speed 2900rpm
Inlet x Outlet 1”x1”
Maximum Pressure 1.5 Bar


Additional information

Weight 25 kg

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