Piusi Panther 72 Diesel Transfer Pump, Flow Rate 72L/min, Maximum Pressure 2.0Bar, 500W, 1”x1”, 7.9kg


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Model: Panther 72 (F00732000)

Piusi Panther 72 is an AC diesel transfer pump with bypass valve and inlet filter.

Accessories Included

  • Manual
  • Flanges


The Panther 56-72-90 diesel transfer pump is versatile and can be applied in different sectors including automotive, transport, agriculture, workshop and construction. The Panther 56-72-90 volumetric, rotary, self-priming vane transfer pump has a high seal and is reliable even in use at low temperatures. With its solid and resistant body, the Panther 56-72-90 is an easy-to-install diesel transfer pump, suitable for applications in diesel dispensers and fixed fuel transfer systems, as well as other industrial applications.

The compact cast iron structure makes it the perfect solution for high performance and reliability.


In the range of diesel transfer pumps, Panther 56-72-90 is equipped with a by-pass valve for precise adjustment of the quantity of flow transferred, while dispensing, with a flow rate of up to 90 l/min. The vane pump with sintered steel rotor and acetal resin vanes, and the induction motor with aluminum casing make this diesel electric pump suitable for continuous cycle applications, up to 30 minutes, resulting in a reliable and quality product. The thermal protection protects it in case of motor overloads.


Max. Flow Rate 72L/min
Max. Self Priming 6 m
Power 500W, 230V, 50Hz
Duty Cycle Continuously
Speed 2900rpm
Inlet x Outlet 1”x1”
Maximum Pressure 2.0 Bar


Additional information

Weight 25 kg

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