Piusi ST200DC 24V Diesel Transfer Pump, Flow Rate 185L/min, Maximum Pressure 2.0Bar, 24V, 1½”x1½”, 18kg


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Model: ST200DC 24V (F00318000)

Piusi ST200DC is a portable dispensing unit for high flow rate, safe and precise oil transfer.

Accessories Included

  • Manual
  • Clamps and cable

ST 200 DC is a portable unit for reliable diesel transfer at a high flow rate and with high performance. The ST 200 DC portable diesel dispenser ensures unparalleled accuracy (+/- 1%) in fuel flow and the optional oval gear flow meter provides control over the quantity dispensed.


The ST 200 DC portable diesel transfer unit with 24 V DC power supply is the perfect solution for users who needs to transfer fuel at high speed. The high flow rate of the product ensures the user to dispense up to 185 l/min

The low weight makes the ST 200 DC easy to handle and suitable for refueling in any condition. The ST 200 is used mainly in construction sites with vehicles equipped with large tanks. Indeed, ST 200 DC is ideal in agricultural or construction applications where the earthmoving machinery cannot be refueled directly from the fuel dispenser.


The diesel dispenser is equipped with an on/off switch for a duty cycle of 20 minutes on and 40 minutes off.


Max. Flow Rate 185L/min
Max. Self Priming N/A
Power 24V DC
Duty Cycle Continuously
Speed 2900rpm
Inlet x Outlet 1½”x1½”
Maximum Pressure 2.0 Bar


Additional information

Weight 25 kg

Power Source

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