Stream SPA750F: Aluminium Submersible Pump, Power 750W, Discharge 2″, 1Ø, Head 12m, Flow 333L/min, 15kg


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Model: SPA750F

Stream SPA750F is a aluminium submersible pump for clean water.

  • Model that use in catalogue is: SPC750F.
  • With auto float switch.


  • Aquarium
  • Mine enterprise
  • Garden
  • Irrigation
  • Watering flower

Working Condition

  • The maximum depth allowed in water is 5m from its center of impeller.
  • The temperature of trans medium’s shouldn’t be higher than 40°C.
  • The trans medium’s PH scope is 6.5~8.5.
  • The grain diameter of the solids in the water is no bigger than 0.2mm.


Power 750watts
Discharge 2″ (50mm)
Voltage 240V/50Hz
Max. Flow Rate 333L/min
Max. Head 12m
Dimensions (L x W x H) 270mm x 235mm x 415mm
Weight 15kg


Additional information

Weight 15 kg

Power Source

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