SWAN SDE11E : Refrigerated Air Dryer, 15HP, Flow Rate 1600L/min, 40kg


Model: SDE11E

Swan SDE11E refrigerated air dryer for 10HP to 15HP air compressor.


  • Highly grade finned coil type Heat Exchanger to maximise heat transfer by the ample heat exchanging surface.
  • Microprocessor control system ensures the stable and quiet running; avoids starting/stopping vibration and breakdown.
  • Heavy duty reliable design which totally meet the working requirements under the warm and high humidity ambient conditions. Ample heat exchanger and efficient air circuit design make the pressure drop to the least.
  • Using environmental friendly refrigerant R-407c or R-134a for all models. Dependable control system, easy operation, solid construction, least maintenance, and highest reliability all in one.


Applicable Ranges
for Air Compressor
10HP to 15HP
Flow Rate 1600L/min
Dew Point 3~15°C
Inlet Temperature Max. 80°C
Ambient Temperature 2~43°C
Working Pressure 2~10 Bar
Inlet & Outlet 1″
Voltage 240V
Type of Refrigerant R-407C
Dimensions (L x W x H) 254mm x 797mm x 626mm
Weight 40kg

Additional information

Weight 40 kg

Power Source

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