Toku TKC750 Asphalt & Concrete Cutter Electric Motor 15kW, 3phase, Cutting Depth:250mm, 200kg


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Model: Toku TKC750

Toku TKC750 is an asphalt & concrete cutter with electric motor 15kW (20HP) electric motor.

Accessories Included

  • 30″ Diamond Blade is included


  • TOKU Concrete Cutter with strong and simple design ensures accurate asphalt and concrete surface road cutting work.
  • The design proven to be a reliable, durable performer over years of service with contrators.
  • The strong, simple and well furnished concrete cutter series is a reliable equipment for users.


Model TKC-750
Blade Size 30 inches
Driving Method Steering Movement
250mm (10″)
Depth Adjustment Method Manual Screw & Lifting System
Water Tank Capacity 58 Liters
Operated with Electric Motor
Power of Motor 15kW (20 HP)
Voltage 415 V
Rotating Speed 1500 rpm
Machine Weight 200kg
Dimensions (L x W x H) 2290mm x 930mm x 1250mm


Additional information

Weight 200 kg

Power Source

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