Unoflow UVP4-120: Vertical Multistage Pump, Power 2200W, 3Ø, Flow 100L/min, Head 122m, Inlet x Outlet 1¼”x1¼”, 35kg


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Model: UVP4-120

Unoflow UVP4-120 vertical multistage centrifugal water pump.

  • 3 phase

Included Flange Assembly

  • Flange x 2pc
  • Rubber gasket x 2pc
  • Bolt and Nuts x 8sets


  • Non-self priming vertical multistage centrifugal pump.
  • All pumps are equipped with a maintenance free mechanical seal set of the cartridge type.
  • Fan-cooled, 2-pole standard motor.
  • Motor protection
    a) Single phase: Built-in thermal overload switch.
    b) Three phase: Must be connected to a motor starter in accordance with local regulations.

Ambient temperature

  • up to +40 °C

Pump Material:

  • Cast iron Base
  • Stainless steel pump body


  • Distributions of water.
  • Pressure boosting in high-rise building and hotels.
  • Pressure boosting in fire fighting systems.
  • Aqua farming.
  • Boiler feed and condensate systems.
  • Oil and alcohol; Glycol and coolants.
  • Swimming pool.
  • Field irrigation, sprinkler irrigation, drip-feed irrigation.


Size Discharge 1¼” x 1¼”
Power 2200 W / Three phase
Flow Rate 16.67 ~ 100 L/min
Head 122 ~ 68 meters
Manometric Suction Lift Max. 7 meters
Liquid Temperature Max. +90°C
Environment Temperature Max. +40°C
Dimensions (L x W x H) 250mm x 177mm x 731mm
Weight 35kg


Additional information

Weight 35 kg

Power Source

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