Varem 100VT: Vertical Butyl Bladder Pressure Tank, Capacity 100 L, Max. Pressure 10 Bar


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Model: Varem 100VT

Varem 100VT is a vertical butyl bladder pressure tank with 100L capacity.

  • Made in Italy


  • ULTRA-PRO: pressure vessels with a food-grade replaceable membrane.
  • This line is ideal for every modern installation and can be applied to any type of pump.
  • The real volume of the pressure vessel is much greater than normal that of normal tanks of the same dimension with smaller dimensions.
  • A compressor is not necessary since an air cushion, separated from the water by the butyl membrane, maintains a constant pressure in the tank.
  • They are certified by the PED 2014/68/EU, WRAS, ACS. This line has specific models made for the Italian, European Community and Extra-European Community markets.


Maximum Working Pressure 10 Bar
Operating Temperature -10/+99°C
Factory Precharge 1.5 Bar
Capacity 100 Liters
ØD Diameter 450mm
Height 910mm
E 153mm
Connection Size 1”

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Weight 30 kg

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