Varem 8VT: Vertical Butyl Bladder Pressure Tank, Capacity 8 L, Max. Pressure 8 Bar, 220mm x 340mm


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Model: Varem 8VT

Varem 8VT is a vertical butyl bladder pressure tank with 8L capacity.

  • Made in Italy


  • Small on Size, Big On Performance: Varem pressure tanks are 99% efficient. Conventional pressure tanks use only 25% of the water inside them. With Varem pressure tanks, 99% of the water is used. T
  • Easy to Replace Bladder: Varem pressure tanks feature a replaceable butyl bladder. While bladder tearing is rare, Varem pressure tanks are designed to make it simple to reinstall the bladder when needed. Just unscrew the flange and replace.
  • Minimal Maintenance Needed: Varem pressure tanks use a butyl bladder that separates the water inside the pressure tank from the tank’s metal surface, thereby eliminating corrosion and rust possibilities.
  • Electricity Savings Galore: Varem pressure tanks are energy saving devices. Since pressure tanks reduce the start-stop cycles of pumps, Varem pressure tanks are an effective way of reducing the frequency of electricity surges needed to start a pump. The larger the pressure tank, the higher the electricity savings.


Rated Size 12 Gallons
Diameter x Height 220mm x 340mm
Connector 1″
Maximum Pressure 8 Bar
Pre Charge Pressure 2 Bar
Capacity 8 Liter

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