Irwin Record T52-1/2ED: Quick Release Wood Working Vice, Jaw Width: 9″, Jaw Opening 13″, 18kg


Model: T52-1/2ED

Irwin Record T52-1/2ED is a quick release woodworking vice.


  • Two steel guide rods to reduce wear and ensure a smooth parallel action.
  • Jaws “toe in” so that when pressure is applied they give an even clamping over the whole depth of the work piece.
  • Adjustable dog used in conjunction with bench stops fitted into the bench top.
  • Location holes are provided so you can fit your own choice of wooden cheeks to protect the work piece.
  • Squeeze the trigger and a quick release vice van be opened and closed without using the mainscrew. Large and small work pieces can be quick interchanged.


Model 52-1/2ED
Jaw Width 9″ (230mm)
Jaw Opening 13″ (330mm)
Weight 18kg

Additional information

Weight 19 kg

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