Irwin Record T52ED: Quick Release Wood Working Vice, Jaw Width: 7″, Jaw Opening 8″, 10kg


Model: T52ED

Irwin Record T52ED is a quick release woodworking vice.


  • Two steel guide rods to reduce wear and ensure a smooth parallel action.
  • Jaws “toe in” so that when pressure is applied they give an even clamping over the whole depth of the work piece.
  • Adjustable dog used in conjunction with bench stops fitted into the bench top.
  • Location holes are provided so you can fit your own choice of wooden cheeks to protect the work piece.
  • Squeeze the trigger and a quick release vice van be opened and closed without using the mainscrew. Large and small work pieces can be quick interchanged.


Model 52ED
Jaw Width 7″ (175mm)
Jaw Opening 8″ (205mm)
Weight 10.11kg

Additional information

Weight 12 kg