Model: HVU-203E (B&S Petrol Engine)

Swan high pressure air compressor 12Bar driven by petrol engine.

We have 2 types of Air Tank:
Type A: 175 Liters, Length 1100mm
Type B: 237 Liters, Length 1470mm


  • High pressure compressed air comes from two stage compressing air compressor, to disassemble the tire fast and easily.
  • Adjustable torque air wrench-ensure the stud firmly lock.
  • With petrol engine driving:Provide efficient power to the required work at anywhere.
  • Extremely convenient to on call service.

Control System 

  • Automatic UnloaderSystem “U” Type
    The automatic unloading system allows for the control of loaded and unloaded compressor states through a range of pre-set pressure values.
    This system is recommended where the duty cycle exceeds 50% and for all larger compressors units.


B&S Petrol Engine 6.5 hp
Working Pressure (kg/cm²) 12 Bar
Compressor Speed 960 rpm
F.A.D 270 L/min
Tank Capacity 175 Liter
Compressor Block
Physical Dimension (L x W x H)
500mm x 330mm x 400mm
Weight 47kg
Compressor Unit
Physical Dimension (L x W x H)
1470mm x 550mm x 1100mm
Weight 220kg

Additional information

Weight 230 kg

Power Source


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