Model: HWU-307N

Swan high pressure with oil flooded piston, 12Bar, 7.5hp electric motor.

  • 3phase


  • Big Crankcase oil sump.
  • Special oil-filled crankshaft.
  • Built-in enforced lubrication system provides highly reliable solutions.
  • Oil pressure protection mechanism.
  • Effective air circulative cooling system.
  • Unloading design.
  • Design for heavy duty industries.

Control System

  • Automatic Unloader System “U” Type
    The automatic unloading system allows for the control of loaded and unloaded compressor states through a range of preset pressure valves.
    This system is recommended where the duty cycle exceeds 50% and for all larger compressures unit.


Motor 5.5kw / 7.5hp, 415V, 3 Phase
Working Pressure (kg/cm²) 12 Bar (Max. 16 Bar)
Compressor Speed 850 rpm
F.A.D 606 L/min
Tank Capacity 237 Liter
Compressor Block
Physical Dimension (L x W x H)
650mm x 460mm x 550mm
Weight (Bare Head only) 93 kg
Compressor Unit
Physical Dimension (L x W x H)
1470mm x 650mm x 1150mm
Weight (Whole Unit) 260 kg

Additional information

Weight 280 kg

Power Source


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